M-FIT are excited to announce that we have now partnered with Myzone to provide our members with the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market. With technology that drives your workout to the next level this innovative wearable heart rate based system helps you stay motivated and set goals to get the maximum results from the effort you put in. Whether you’re working out in a gym or at home this product really does help give you that extra push that can make all the difference.

How it works

Using wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor each workout the Myzone belt is connected to an app that allows you to stream your activity, upload your data, and review your results from your smart phone. Simply strap on the belt and it will monitor your heat rate, calories burned and time exercising, converting these into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) which will give you an accurate view of how effective your session has been. Providing workout graphs and allowing you to monitor your activity calendar you can also integrate Myzone into your M-FIT app where your trainer can look over everything here.

Your Progress

One of the great things about Myzone is that you can use it on your own for motivation and also to see how much effort you’re putting in. It also works brilliantly with a friend as the app allows you to set goals along with other users, so that you can encourage and monitor each other’s progress. By using Myzone with your M-FIT app it allows your trainer to keep track of your progress and effort in sessions without them being there with all of the information being streamed directly to us, which we can then view remotely at anytime.

Personal Trainer

From a personal trainer point of view we are able to track your effort levels over a long period of time which can really help us see how you are improving. But even more importantly that extra motivation can help you go a long way on your fitness journey.

Key Benefits

View your effort live on your smartphone

Make connections and challenge friends

Integrate Myzone with your M-FIT app and allow your personal trainer to help monitor progress

Earn points and gain status rankings

Get trustworthy results with 99.4% EKG accuracy

Connect to other wearable devices

MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt

Full RRP – £129.99
Exclusive M-FIT Member Special

£69.99 (£60 off)