Myths Of Weight Training

Myth One – Weight Lifting Is Just For MenWrong. Weight training builds a strong foundation for both men and women. It helps to reduce the risk of injury and improves your overall health. It improves bone density and for women when they hit menopause they are more at risk of osteoporosis than men, so weight training can really help with this along with so much more. 

Myth Two – Weight Lifting Will Make You BulkyThis ‘bulky’ look is what some men train for six to seven times a week over a long period of time before this physique is achieved. Nutrition will also play a key part here, as with any desired look.

Most women don’t have sufficient testosterone levels to attain a level of muscle mass similar to men – and generally that’s not what they’re after. Becoming bulky just won’t happen unless you really want it to.  

Myth Three – Women Should Train Like MenMore often than not a woman’s training program should be designed differently to one that’s been prepared for a man. Fitness goals and physiological differences between men and women contribute to the way each gender trains. The key is to understand how to work certain muscles correctly and to focus on your form. 

Myth Four – You Can ‘Tone’ a MuscleOften we hear men and women who just want to be ‘toned’. So in real terms they want to drop body fat to help make the muscle more visible. This may involve building more muscle before this look can be achieved. 

Myth Five – It’s Better To Do CardioCardio is hugely beneficial and offers a number of health benefits. Ultimately it helps look after the most important muscle of all – your heart. It can however be argued that lifting weights is more beneficial. Increasing your strength and muscle mass gives you the potential to do everything better. It allows you to generate more power, build more stamina and helps take the pressure off your joints and connective tissue. 

Weight training is also better for boosting your metabolism, improving mobility and reducing the risk of injury. We’ll add to this list just a bit more by saying it’s better for improving aesthetics, better for anti-aging and also for longevity. Quite a statement we know but one we stand by!