Let’s Get Running

The start of a new year always brings about new goals for us and often becoming fitter and more active is high up on our list. For many people signing up for a long distance run is something to work towards, whether this be a charity event or even the full marathon.

Building up your fitness by training and recovering in the right way is vital. By implementing strength, mobility and flexibility into your fitness plan you will make your running more efficient. Of course getting some good running mileage in is needed but if we also add in a strength training session just once a week we feel better for it. Remember the best training is always balanced and focused around our goals. Try some unilateral work using single leg and single arm movements. The primary benefit of this is that your using both sides of the body and strengthening equally. 

Minimising the risk of injury cannot be emphasised enough and although there are certain factors that can unfortunately be out of our control we need to make sure that we are following the correct plan. Spending time warming up before a run for example is more important than it may seem. 

Be sure to include exercises for core strength and even try some yoga too. Being able to develop better breathing control and improved core strength will take your running to a higher level.