Let’s Get Running

The start of a new year always brings about new goals for us and often becoming fitter and more active is high up on our list. For many people signing up for a long distance run is something to work towards, whether this be a charity event or even the full marathon. Building up your […]

Myths Of Weight Training

Myth One – Weight Lifting Is Just For MenWrong. Weight training builds a strong foundation for both men and women. It helps to reduce the risk of injury and improves your overall health. It improves bone density and for women when they hit menopause they are more at risk of osteoporosis than men, so weight […]

How To Get Motivated

We often find that one of the most common questions we’re asked is how to get or stay motivated. Quite simply put this comes down to your mindset and believing in yourself. Each and every single one of us should hold the belief that we are capable to achieve our goals – tell yourself you […]

Exercise For Mental Health

Here we explore the mental health benefits of exercise. Once these are recognised it can only make you more determined to be regularly active. Studies continue to reinforce the importance of training and not just for your waistline, but also for a healthy mind.  It’s proven that exercise helps clear your head and lift your […]