About Us

About M-FIT

M-FIT are on a mission to help you achieve your goals. Working together with our clients we focus on bringing together a new mindset of positivity and determination. We want to educate you and give you the knowledge needed to be healthier and stronger while supporting you along the way. We know all too well of how busy life can be and we work around you to design your customised plan.

Here at M-FIT we believe in a holistic approach to training. We know that sufficient rest, a good sleep and the right nutrition all play a vital role in reaching your goals. Using our support, encouragement and motivation we offer our complete service in helping you succeed.

All of the M-FIT team are fully qualified trainers that all want to help you achieve your goals. With each having a vast amount of experience in the fitness industry all of our trainers are known to go the extra mile and strive for a 100% success rate for all of our clients. This is a must for company founder Ryan Mahoney who is involved in all operations and who reviews each and every single goal of our members.

Consistent steady progress is the key to achieving long term sustainable results. Our 12 week plan offers exactly this and has helped transform lives. We want to transform yours and work together to make this happen right now. Join us on the journey.

What We Offer:

Personalised Online Training & Nutrition Plans

1-2-1 Personal Training Services Available On Request

Boot Camps Home & Abroad