1-2-1 Personal Training


Our expert trainers will work closely with you to provide tailored sessions designed just for you. While developing a supportive relationship they will help you to achieve your goals whatever your ability.

From clients with little or no gym experience to the more highly trained athlete we offer a service that could just be what you need to hit new levels. Our expert trainers will design a specific programme to suit you and your needs. We’ve listed below some of the key benefits to booking our training sessions:


By scheduling your PT sessions automatically you will feel more encouraged to train. Not enough training is proven to be one of the biggest barriers to progression and we want to help make sure you find the right balance.

Training plan suited for you

Our coaches design a training programme just for you, with the focus on key areas to work towards your goal. This will be detailed and specific which you’ll be encouraged to stick to. You’ll be motivated throughout your plan which your trainer will closely monitor and adapt as you progress.

Using correct form & technique

This will be one of the main focuses of your trainer and will also be key to your progression. We want to ensure you avoid the risk of injury and make you more confident with a range of exercises.

We offer a free consultation and be sure to look out for our promotional offers!

Zoom Training

We are happy to announce that we‘re now also carrying out personal training services via Zoom. The sessions will be delivered straight to you live via a weblink and are scheduled for when it suits you. Want to book our Zoom training? Simply follow the steps below!

1. Purchase your classes
2. Fill out the waiver and consent forms and return
3. Receive email from us with an invitation to join the next class offered.
4. Download the ZOOM app on the media you will use for the session.
5. Sign Up on the app before the first class.
6. You’ll receive an email with the link to be used for our class (aka meeting)
7. 10-15 min before class time, simply click the meeting link found in the invitation email and join us for the class!

Below is our most up to date pricing schedule

Pay As You Go
£45/per session*
*All sessions are for 1 hour
Block of 4
£40/per session*
*All sessions are for 1 hour
Block of 12
£35/per session*
*All sessions are for 1 hour

We look forward to seeing you soon!